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Austin House/Holiday Group

Austin House Manual Luggage Scale

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If you've ever been on vacation, you know that you often return home with more than you intended. After all, it's hard to resist the one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family, or that one perfect item that will remind you of your time there. However, these items often get us into trouble at the airports' weight scales.

Now, with a luggage scale, you never have to worry about frantically transferring clothing or gifts to another suitcase in an effort to avoid those overweight fees.

This luggage scale with weight marker reads up to 80 pounds. It also includes a 40in tape measure so you can see if your piece of luggage will meet carry-on requirements.

With a soft grip rubber handle and a strap that attaches to the item you're weighing, this manual luggage scale doesn't require any straining or exertion, even when you're lifting a heavy object off the ground. Simply twist the dial to reset the scale. 

When you utilize a luggage scale, you don't have to feel guilty about buying an extra souvenir here or there. Keep track of your luggage's weight throughout the entire trip with this scale.

  • Battery-free and user-friendly
  • Maximum weight capacity 34 kgs / 75 lbs
  • Displays weight in kgs or lbs
  • Easy to read
  • Memory arm indicates the last reading
  • Easy re-set
  • Comfortable lift grip
  • Includes a 39" / 1 meter retractable measuring tape (do not force beyond this limit)