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Kilner 6 Piece Cold Brew Coffee Set

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Use the 6-Piece Cold Crew Coffee Set by Kilner to brew a fresh and cold batch of coffee. The set includes a 68 oz. jar, two mugs, twin, muslin squares for filtering grinds and a stainless steel filter - everything you need to make amazing coffee.
  • Enjoy the process of making fresh coffee, brewed to perfection, using the Cold Crew Coffee Set from Kilner
  • Fill large jar with water then add coffee filter; add ground coffee, stir and let coffee brew
  • After brewing coffee for 24 hours, place a muslin square around the top of a mug, secure with twine, and pour coffee
  • Jars and mugs are embossed with the Kilner brand logo
  • 6-piece set includes:
    • Twine
    • One 68 oz. flip-top jar
    • Two handled jars
    • Stainless steel coffee filter
    • Muslin squares
  • Glass/stainless steel/twin/cloth
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Imported