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Jason Janes

Juniper BBQ Scraper

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Juniper BBQ Scraper was created to provide a safe, 100% natural alternative to bristle brushes.

Stay home and Spice things up!

BBQ season is coming and it's time to get ready!

How it Works

  1. Heat up your grill
  2. Place the scraper on the grill so that you can still see the logo, and gently but firmly push the scraper from the front of the grill to the back of the grill.
  3. Over time these grooves will get deeper, wrapping around your BBQ grate. It is these grooves that remove the dirt from your grill.

Juniper BBQ Scraper is truly committed to producing superior quality products, hand-crafted with pride and care by our dedicated team in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, using the finest of sustainable hardwood. Production is controlled for quality from start to finish, to ensure each product receives the Juniper BBQ Scraper stamp of approval.

As proud Canadians we understand and take our responsibility to the environment to heart. That is why we made the decision to develop our products using juniper (tamarack) harvested from sustainable forests right in our own backyard. From our manufacturing process, to packing and shipping, each step of our production is optimized with protecting the environment as our top priority.