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Gerald Squires: An Artbook by Stan Dragland & Michael Crummey

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“Mr. Squires, a painter, sculptor, lithographer and stained glass artist, was living in a lighthouse in Ferryland with his wife, Gail, and two daughters. He was part of a group of artists known as “The Gang Down the Southern Shore,” which included Frank Lapointe, Stewart Montgomerie, Don Wright and Heidi Oberheide.

Sandra Gwyn called the shaggy and intense Mr. Squires “the kind of character who, even if he didn’t live on the top of a cliff in an abandoned lighthouse with casements that really do look out on perilous seas and faery lands forlorn, is proof that there are still artists around who look and act as artists should.””

—Joan Sullivan, The Globe & Mail


with writings by Stan Dragland & Michael Crummey
& over 100 colour illustrations, over 50 B&W illustrations