Georgecraft Wooden Spurtle

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The spurtle is a traditional wooden Scottish stir stick that dates from the 16th century that is used to stir porridge, soups, stews and broths. The rod-like shape means that porridge can be stirred without congealing and forming lumps, unlike a spoon that would have a dragging effect during stirring, and the low surface area reduces the chances of porridge sticking to the instrument!

These spurtles are hand carved by local carpenter Walter George, using cherry wood. The natural beauty of the wood comes through in all his creations. All kitchen utensils are finished with tung oil and are food safe.

About the Maker

Carved wine stoppers, spoons, walking sticks, breadboards and bookshelves – if it can be made from wood, chances are Walter George has made it.  His previous career was 30 years as an Electronics Technician; Walter had years of experience with detailed work before he turned his life long affair with wood into a profession.  Now he is best known for his unique, wooden kitchen utensils and furniture with clean, Shaker-inspired lines.  No two handles are alike on his spoons and spatulas that are prized for their comfortable fit and beautiful wood grain. Walter favours colourful, local woods such as plum, cherry and maple for his smaller items and yellow or white birch for his furniture designs.  Walter's breadboards are both glued and pegged for stability.  Available in many sizes and designs, they are suitable for cutting on but so attractive that you will want to serve from them too.