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Danesco Inc.

Full Circle Coconut Score Pads

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  • Our Most Abrasive Scrubber
  • Tackles the Caked-On, Baked-On, Burnt Messes on Pots + Pans and Your Stovetop!
  • Free From BPA, Triclosan, and Other Harsh Chemicals
  • Safe for You - Non-Toxic
  • Earth Friendly Materials
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Pack of 3 - 3.13 in x 5.5 in - 8 cm x 14 cm

This plant-based scour pad will take you on a quick vacation at the kitchen sink. Our heaviest duty scouring pad, it's made from coconut husk and recycled plastic and has a distinct coconut scent. So it gets dirty tackling the tough jobs but still comes out smelling like coconuts.

Safe For You: Free from BPA & tricloson