Footsteps in Bay de Verde: A mysterious tale - Charis Cotter

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Bridie liked Poor Keye. He always had candy in his pockets and a joke or two. Cataracts or no cataracts, he could still find his way around the steep, twisting pathways of Bay de Verde, dragging his bad leg behind him. It was easy to recognize his step when he came in the front door on story nights. Bang! went the door as he opened it. Then came his footsteps: Step—shuffle—thump. Step—shuffle—thump.

Bridie and her brother and sister love to sit up late, listening to the adults trade stories. One stormy night the talk is not only about the price of fish, ghosts and pirates, but also about Poor Keye, a neighbour in hospital who had always loved these storied nights. A loud bang and the sound of his familiar shuffling footsteps suggests that perhaps he is home after all, and has come to join the gathering. But when Bridie’s mother goes to welcome him, Poor Keye is nowhere to be found. The next morning a telegram arrives with shocking news.

Award-winning author Charis Cotter joins forces with emerging illustrator Jenny Dwyer to craft this deliciously creepy book.


What folks are saying

"... the tone, mood, and atmosphere of the story are scrumptiously spooky. ... A good old-fashioned ghost story sure to deliver spine tingles."  ~ Kirkus Reviews