EGeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock

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  • A gentle press and tap on eGeeTouch® lock with an eGeeTouch® NFC tag or any Bluetooth APPLE or ANDROID smartphone, for unlocking
  • eGeeTouch® luggage lock requires neither digit-wheel dialing nor memorizing of combination codes. It uses IDs to identify each paired device.
  • Superior access security authentication with hundreds of millions of user-defined IDs
  • Use eGeeTouch® App to conveniently store IDs for convenient retrieval or pairing with other smart devices or NFC tags
  • A TSA accepted key lock is built-in for by-pass access by TSA authorized personnel in US airports
  • Easily set using eGeeTouch® App to deny access on old IDs in the event of losing a mobile phone or a tag
  • Access history records provide traceability unavailable in conventional combination lock
  • Powered by easily replaceable 2xLR44 batteries with 3,000 cycles or over 2 years of battery life based on 3 times locking/unlocking per day usage
  • Safety feature for inaccessible battery compartment when padlock is at locked status
  • USB terminal is provided for backup source from external standard-USB power
  • Color LED indication for locking/unlocking status
  • Mechanical structure and size are compatible to typical conventional combination lock
  • IP43 Rating for protection against water splash


  • Fast, easy and secure for safeguarding personal belongings in the luggage or travel bag
  • No more 'stressful' memorizing combination code or reading those tiny engraved digits on dial wheels
  • No more worrying for forgetting combination code or losing your little padlock key
  • High-security encrypted authentication of hundreds of millions of preprogramed ID unmatched by traditional combination digit-codes of 000 to 999
  • Authorized user may conveniently change or delete ID using eGeeTouch® App
  • User re-definable IDs using mixed numeric and alphabets
  • No need to remember ID as eGeeTouch® App automates by saving IDs in the cloud similar to those smartphone storing your mobile phone information