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Discovery Trekking Outfitters

Ultra Fast-Dry Travel and Sports Towel from Discovery Trekking

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You don’t have to sacrifice luxury in order to have a lightweight and fast drying towel!

Better than Microfiber
Performance fabric that feels nice and never gets stiff and scratchy.
  • Quick drying even on cool days.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Safe odor resistant technology discourages bacterial growth, keeping towels fresher between washes
  • Essential gear for swimmers, beach bums, outdoor activities and travel
  • Large 34" x 58"

They are perfect for beach lying, drying and wrapping up!

Discovery Trekking towels stay soft and supple and won't leave you covered in fuzz. They offer high sun protection and sand won’t stick to them at the beach!


  • Super thin, lightweight and compact. Perfect if space is a premium.
  • Durable Fabric stays soft. Easy care machine wash and dry. This is NOT a typical towel, for best results don’t rub, just pat skin dry.