Dans Le Sac Reusable Cotton Bags

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Dans Le Sac reusable produce, fruit/nut, and bread bags are 100% natural cotton.

Bulk bags are perfect for all provision making : fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, coffee, etc. You can also use these bags to make your own nut based milk, or to transport snacks.

The bread bag will keep your bread fresh for up to 3* days. It is best to not slice bread before storing it in the tightly closed bag. Psst! You can even freeze your bread directly in the bag.

Made in Quebec


Zero Waste Kit includes: 1 Bread Bag (13.5" x 13") 1 Large Bag (10" x 13") 1 Small Bag (6" x 10")
2 Pack includes: 1 Large Bag (10" x 13") 1 Small Bag (6" x 10")
5 Pack includes: 3 Large Bag (10" x 13") 2 Small Bag (6" x 10")
Bread Bag includes: 1 Bread Bag (13.5" x 13")