Blue Tarp Bible: Best Uses, Worst Abuses of the (Unsightly) Fabric that Binds

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The ubiquitous yet mysterious blue tarp, exposed, along with indispensable facts and easy-to-follow instructions for tarp projects.

Everyone has one, or everyone's neighbor does. But do we truly understand the cultural significance of the blue tarp? Oh sure, we like to put on airs, talking up our high-technology, culture, and art, especially when foreigners are listening in. But deep down, we know the truth: Americans are the people of the big blue tarp. The Blue Tarp Bible features both a social history and a first-ever compendium of ideas for using a blue tarp.

From the expected (keep your tent floor dry, stop a leaky roof) to the inspired (man purse, homemade curtains!), every aspect of the handy plastic covering is revealed. Ever wondered why tarps are blue? How long they last? Why they look offensive in a neighbor's yard but just fine in your own? Allow Ron Judd, Seattle Times columnist and "Mr. Blue Tarp," himself to explain.

You'll wonder how you ever got along without The Blue Tarp Bible.