Bee Savvy Lotion Bars

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Using the heat from your body these lotion bars release the perfect amount of moisturizer. Lotion bars are made with our beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil. Simple and pure ingredients. All lotion bars are small batches and hand poured to ensure quality and consistency.


This is the unscented lotion bar that is great for scent-free workplaces or those sensitive to scents.

Bergamot, Vanilla + Earl Grey Tea

Inspired by our favourite specialty tea latte – the London Fog. Infusing our coconut oil with earl grey tea for 24 hours, we have a perfect base. Adding bergamot and vanilla essential oils to create the creamy texture just like it was a latte. Enjoy this lotion bar any time of year.

Lemongrass Blend

Lemongrass: Cleansing & soothing oil. Has astringent properties.

Lavender: Calming aroma, soothes skin irritations. Naturally antimicrobial.

Eucalyptus: Promotes feeling of clear breathing. Has herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones. Promotes feelings of relaxation.