Bee Box - Get Saucy

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Add some local flavors to your plate with this collection of sauces and spice, all made right here in NL!


  • The Saucy Newfoundland Co. "Honey Yer Some Hot": Hot, Sweet and Saucy! Sweetened with NL Honey, it's a must for wings, nachos and dipping.
  • The Saucy Newfoundland Co. "Partridgeberry BBQ Sauce": This bold and brazen BBQ sauce is flavored with local partridgeberries.
  • Grates Cove Studios Bayou Bay Cajun Spice: The Grates Cove Studios Bayou Bay Cajun Spice is a blend of spices that we use in all our Cajun and Creole dishes that give our dishes their special flavor. Try it for yourself on your seafood and poultry dishes. It even works well on vegetables (85 grams.)