Joel's Bee Factory Condo's

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Did you know that not all bees nest in hives? Some bees use other places to lay their eggs, like in pieces of wood or in the ground. Unfortunately, as their habitat disappears, it can be hard for bees to find safe places to nest.

We can help these little superheroes by providing them with a bee condo near a pollinator garden!

The bee condo will bring more bees to your garden. While bees generally aren’t aggressive, it is strongly recommended that once the bee condo is in place, it is left alone.
Place your bee condo in a bright, sunny spot close by your pollinator garden, making sure the side with the holes is not covered and the bee condo is hanging straight.

Once your bee condo is in a secure place, let the bees make it into a nesting place. It is recommended that once the bee condo is in place, it is left alone.
During the winter, protect your bee condos by putting them in a cool place (4ºc to 6ºc) like an unheated shed, basement or garage. When spring arrives, set up your condo back in the same place as before.

About the maker:

Joels Bee Factory was founded in 2017, by then 9 year old Joel Stamp. Joel builds Bee Condos out of locally sourced, untreated wood to help save the bees! This young man is a blend of entrepreneur and environmentalist. As he puts it: "It keeps them warm and helps them build a nest, they live inside it and have their babies in there." His initiative is noble and the bees sure appreciate it!