Perpetua Eco Pencil from Italy

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Perpetua philosophy

Perpetua is a revolutionary way of re-thinking materials and objects. Through research, ideation, innovation and technology, scraps of raw materials – otherwise destined to destruction – can be brought back to life. New design objects – useful, original and innovative – come to life in full respect of the people and the Planet: Perpetua – The Pencil is the first of them.

Perpetua creates unique design objects using proprietary, innovative and smart production processes with a Made in Italy supply chain. Thus inspiring others to revolutionize conventional production methods by using original materials, obtained through recovery and recycling for environmental and social sustainability.

A real revolution in the world of writing. For the first time, recovered graphite is combined with a compound which makes it harder, shock resistant and clean, as it does not get your hands dirty. Perpetua, the only pencil made in Italy, is a European registered patent including its production process. We have developed a new way of reusing graphite powder, the waste of industrial production, otherwise destined to be buried underground. By using Perpetua you are disposing 15 grams of graphite. The exclusive production technology makes the traditional wood casing obsolete, therefore giving birth to an eco-sustainable method to create a pencil, where no tree has been cut down to produce it.