East Coast Glow Shaving Puck

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Most often, shaving soaps are  made using palm oil based stearic acid which is what helps build the creamy lather that is coveted by die hard wet shavers. East Coast Glow uses non-GMO soy wax to accomplish the dense creamy lather… and it’s incredible.

Lightly scented with fir needle and lavender essential oils and benzoin resin that smells of fall hikes in Newfoundland's boreal forests. This puck creates a creamy, slick lather that leaves your skin feeling protected, soothed and smooth.

Try it. You’ll never go back!

This 3" soap puck fits our handcrafted shaving kits perfectly! 

Our wildly natural shaving soap is made using pure iceberg water, high quality oils and butters infused with botanicals and blended with natural clays, pure essential oils and wildcrafted botanicals to create a high lathering, yet nourishing bar.