Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide To Making a Difference Around The World

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Are you looking for a more meaningful travel experience?
Do you want to give back to the communities you visit, make a genuine connection with locals, meet like-minded travellers and build your skills?
International volunteering opens up all these opportunities and this book has all the advice you need to get there.
Much more than just a resource directory, Volunteer is packed with invaluable information and full-colour inspirationto get you planning your perfect short- or long-term volunteer experience anywhere in the world. Whether it's monitoring sea turtles in Greece, helping set up handicraft businesses in Ghana or building community centres in Guatemala, you'll find amazing opportunities in this fully updated, comprehensive new edition.
Written by passionate, well-travelled Lonely Planet writers advised by a team of experts in the field, this user-friendly guide promises to make your plans a reality.
Chapters include:
1. International volunteering: an overview
2. Choosing your volunteer experience
3. The practicalities
4. Tying up loose ends
5. Organised volunteer programmes
6. Structured and self-funding volunteer programmes
7. Religious organisations
8. Do-it-yourself volunteer placements
9. Coming home
10. Starting your own charitable project